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Bill & Leanne



Eliana (6) & Evelyn (3)

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Family Activity
Taekwondo, theme parks & spending time with family
Swimming, shopping, playing outdoors & family gatherings

Grilling, reading, & watching movies
Baking, reading, & watching movies

Italian & Greek
Mexican & Greek

Raiders of the Lost Ark & Star Wars
Goonies & Titanic

Place to Vacation
Caribbean cruises
California beaches


Hello & Thank You

We are Leanne and Bill. We believe you are making the most courageous and loving choice for your child. We recognize how difficult this is for you and we have been praying for you and for your child.

We know the joys of being parents because of our two loving little girls. We also know the pain of losing a child as our second pregnancy tragically ended with the death of our baby and the complete loss of fertility for us. With having always believed adoption to be a beautiful expression of love we begin our adoption journey and were chosen by a beautiful birth mother who blessed us with our second daughter. She was instantly loved and adored by her big sister, grandparents, cousins, uncles, and aunts.

We desire to grow our family and are so appreciative that there are birth parents like you that are willing to make such a loving choice. Adoption is an act of love and having seen firsthand the happiness it has brought to our family not only when Evelyn came into our hearts and lives but our extended family on Bill's side has also been touched by adoption many times. His younger brother was adopted as a toddler from Cambodia along with our niece and nephew who were adopted as children by Bill's oldest sister and a little second cousin who was adopted by Bill's first cousin and wife.

We have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and a love of scripture. Love is at the heart of our faith. Sacrifice for the other is the truest form of love. Our parents' sacrificed for us and we want to sacrifice for our children. This means time spent together is a priority. We want our children to always have mommy and daddy helping to meet all of their needs and loving them every moment of every day. This is why we are willing to prioritize one of us always being at home with our children.

We promise to surround your child with love and give them a sense of just how special they are. We will help your child understand how much you love them and chose us to love, protect, and always take care of them. We are committed to providing a comfortable home, a loving immediate and extended family, a lifetime of learning, a private-school education, growth in the knowledge and love of God, travel and new experiences, and support for his or her personal dreams and aspirations.

We want to express how much we value the loving sacrifice and greatest gift you are imparting on a family. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family and considering us as adoptive parents for your child.


Bill & Leanne