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Chad & Angie


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Hello & Thank You

We are so thankful that you are taking this time to read about us and get to know us as a couple as well as future parents! We are Chad and Angie and we are so blessed to be a part of this moment in your life. Although we will never understand the difficult choice and the impact it is making in your future we want you to know that we promise to respect and honor your decision in ours. Our hearts have been broken in loss of our own babies through miscarriages and failed fertility attempts over the past few years. The brokenness of losing a child no matter what the circumstance is not lost on us. We have tried for years to complete our family and though we may not have been able to make our own plan as to how that would start, God had his own plan waiting for us.

We both have large extended families where we are constantly in contact with children of all ages from our
nieces and nephews to cousins. We consider our friends our family as well and we have had the privilege of watching
some of these friends grow their families through adoption. We have witnessed the love given to children whether biological or adopted and the constant truth about this love
is that it is unconditional. Angie shares her love for children through mentoring at a local school, has volunteered at the nursery at her local church, and has recently gone on her first mission trip to help at an orphanage. Chad has a passion for sports and has coached children in basketball and has recently been involved in a local church retreat where he taught kids how to fish.

Our promise to you is that we surround your child with the same principals our marriage is built upon; being light-hearted fun-filled, patient, caring, and full of love. We respect each other's differences and promote each other's strengths; we are truly each other's best friend. Adoption is a true miracle to us and we continue to have hope and faith that we will one day be able to become the awesome parents we know we were meant to be.

We want to thank you so much for taking time to read our letter and to review our book we have prepared for you. We hope you enjoy it and are able to see what a gentle and kind family your child would have with us! We have thanked God every day for you since the moment we started this journey and we will continue to share our love and thankfulness to your child as they grow. We are beyond excited and ready to start our life and family together!


Chad & Angie