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Felix & Claudia

Coding Specialist
IT Desktop/Helpdesk

Bachelors Degree
Associates Degree


A Few of Our Favorite Things

Family Activity
Camping in our RV & family BBQ's

Being outdoors, fishing & hiking
Reading, hiking & biking

Rock 'n' Roll
Old Country

Quality in each other
Her loving nature & sense of humor
His support & compassionate heart

Place to Vacation
The Coast
Grand Canyon


Hello & Thank You

From the bottom of both of our hearts, my husband Felix and I want to thank you for your decision to consider an adoption plan. We both admire and have so much respect for you as a parent. Adoption is a very beautiful decision that takes courage and strength to decide on this path. We are excited to begin this journey of growing our family through adoption and hope to continue the journey with you.

Let me start off by introducing ourselves. We are Felix and Claudia and we live in Texas. We have been married for 5 years but have known each other for 10 years. We are not just husband and wife, but also best friends. We share a lot of the same interest and we also enjoy our time together.

We tried for several years to have a child but found out that was not going to be possible. We both knew we wanted to be parents and decided that adoption was the path for us to fulfill our dreams of loving and nurturing a child.

We want to share with them the enjoyment of nature, to instill the wisdom of life, and to show them to respect all living creatures. I want to ensure you that we will love the child unconditionally, be supportive, protective, and always be by their side. The child will be surrounded by a welcoming warm-loving family with grandparents, lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins. He or she will be raised in a loving home and have the opportunity to attend college. We will be there to help the child grow and support the decisions the child makes throughtout his or her life. The child will be raised in the Christian faith and enjoy the traditions of a Christian family. We will instill the values that our parent’s taught us; be a good person to everyone, be respectful, and to enjoy a loving relationship with God. Felix and I are very affectionate and the child will have an abundance of hugs, kisses, and laughter.

Thank you for considering us to become the adoptive parents of your child. We look forward to opening our home and hearts to the child. I ask the Lord to guide and protect you, to bless you in your decisions.

With very grateful hearts,

Felix & Claudia