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Hector & Stephanie

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Bachelors Degree

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Hello & Thank You, 

We want to thank you for taking the time to read about us! We are Hector and Stephanie, and our daughter is Kaytlin. We want to begin by saying that we admire you for your strength and courage. Because we have a daughter of our own, we know what a tremendous blessing your selfless act of love will provide a family with. We are grateful for the opportunity to share some information about who we are with you.

We have been married for 6 amazing years and were blessed with the miracle conception of our daughter after 3 weeks of marriage. Kaytlin was born in Feb 2012 and has brought so much joy to our lives. About a year after she was born, we decided we wanted to grow our family. However, after going through multiple miscarriages and fertility treatments, we realized that our daughter was a miracle, and God has bigger plans for us. We have always talked about adoption, even before we were married. We have a lot of love to give and feel that God is calling us to adopt. We hope to grow our family this way and give a child a loving home.

We both have close families that get together often. Both sets of our parents have been married over 40 years. We grew up in loving and supportive homes with parents who are great models of commitment and we strive to provide that in our home as well.

We will raise our children to know that God loves them and will provide a Christian home as we both were lucky to have. We celebrate diversity and will pass on values of respect for self and others, compassion, and kindness. Your child will be surrounded by so many people who will adore them. We love being parents and cannot express how excited we are to have another child to love. Both sets of grandparents and all of the aunts and uncles are anxiously awaiting a new baby to hug and kiss. Your child will be told every day that they are loved and how proud of them we are.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know us. We think about you and pray for you often. Please know that your child will grow up knowing the story of their adoption and what a special person you are. We thank you for your consideration, and we will continue to pray for your peace and comfort about your decision.

All our love,

Hector & Stephanie