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Jason & Sherie

Program Coordinator/
Subtance Abuse Counselor


Masters Degree
Doctor of Pharmacy

Tyson (1)

A Few of Our Favorite Things

Reading & baking

Easter- my parents still hide easter
eggs for me filled with money!

4th of July & Thanksgiving

Pumpkin spice anything &
egg sandwiches

Quality in each other
Her selflessness & compassion
His sense of humor & ability
to talk to anyone

Place to Vacation
Really anywhere together, but I loved all the tourist sites to see in New York


Hello & Thank You

We are Jason, Sherie, and Tyson, thank you so much for taking the time to get to know a little bit about us. We also would like to thank you for THE most selfless act that a human can perform by choosing an adoption plan for your child.

We met over eight years ago and fell in love on our first date. That love has only gotten stronger since then. We are an amazing team and we cannot imagine facing life without each other. We talked about having children and starting a family from the time we were engaged. We spent two years trying to conceive before we found out we would not be able to produce a child naturally. From there we attempted a year of medical interventions to help us get pregnant with no success. That is when we started our first journey towards the miracle of adoption. We were selected by an Angel that made our wish come true. Tyson was born on 07/16/15 and we were blessed to be there for his birth. Our lives have never been richer or more fulfilling. He is nothing short of amazing. He has the most fantastic personality and is so loving. He will be an amazing big brother. We are so excited to share our unconditional love with another child.

We can imagine that the people that you bless with your child would need to have certain values and qualities. We want you to know that we plan to raise your child with devotion, love, and attention. We celebrate diversity and will pass on values of respect for self and others, compassion, and kindness. We want to nurture their imaginations, teach them to be good citizens and help them realize their full potential. We value education and will encourage a child to develop their strengths. Most of all we want to be there for them to provide a secure, safe and fun environment in which they can just be themselves and grow into the beautiful person they were meant to be. We, along with all of our family and friends, are excited for the opportunity to add to our family, once again, through the miracle of adoption. We promise your child will grow up knowing your courage and sacrifice in making this loving choice. We thank you for your consideration and taking the time to get to know us.


Jason & Sherie