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Hello & Thank You

We so appreciate you taking the time to read about us today. Rudy and I met in early 2004. Our personalities meshed together so well so it wasn't long before we started dating. Our biggest challenge from the get go was the distance between us as we lived over five hundred miles apart so only saw each other every few weeks.  In January 2005 Rudy decided he had had enough of the distance and he proposed to me on one of our weekends together. Nine months later we were married in a little garden ceremony outside of Dallas.

We always knew we wanted children. But then what started off as hey let's have a baby turned into years of unsuccessful fertility treatments. It was such a devastating thing for us both.  We started considering adoption and in God's perfect timing in walked a woman who said y'all sure have a lot of love to give; you should become foster parents. After much thought and prayer, we did in March 2010. Almost immediately we took in a one and two-year-old brother and sister. They stayed in our home for several months before returning to their family. As you can imagine it was hard for us. We honestly weren't sure we could go through it again and decided to take a break. But then a few weeks later my phone rang while I was driving down the highway. It was the agency and there was a newborn girl in NICU who needed a home right away. I don't know what I was thinking but I said yes without calling Rudy. I went to the hospital and met the most perfect little angel covered in tubes. I signed all the paperwork and got her snug into her car seat and drove her home....and she never left. In October 2011 we officially became Gabriella's parents although she was our daughter in our hearts long before that. We are no longer foster parents. It is important to us that we provide Gabi with the most stable home and childhood as possible so we didn't want her to endure the heartache of saying goodbye to siblings.

Rudy has worked in law enforcement for 15 years now. Over the years he has promoted to where he no longer works the streets. He misses the excitement but as his wife, I prefer him safely behind a desk. I left my career in real estate when Gabi was born. For me, it was super important to be home with her since we were able to do that. Even though she's in school now I still stay home so that I can be there whenever she needs me. I work my life around my family's schedules and needs.

Becoming parents has been the most amazing gift in this world for us. We love that little girl more than we ever thought possible and now feel that the timing is right to expand our family. Why we waited this long? I'm not sure. I think just like before God has the perfect baby in mind for our family and we just had to wait for he or she to be created. If you were to pick us to be your child's adoptive family I can promise you they will be treasured and loved by not only us but our families. Their childhood would be full of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I can also promise you he or she will receive a great education starting in preschool all the way to any degree they want to earn. The sky is the limit when you have a rock solid support system. We will be with them every step of the way to love them, support them, laugh with them, and cry with them because that's what this family does. 

Speaking mother to mother I also promise you that we will never go back on our word to keep contact in the way that has been agreed upon. And, please know that he or she will always know that you made this very brave decision in love and only love.

We thank you for the time you are taking to consider us today. No matter what choice you make we wish you a healthy pregnancy and a steady peace within your heart.

God Bless,

Rudy & Debra